HC 020 "The Power Relationship" ~ Hozaus Clare, Fitzroy Crossing

HC 020 "The Power Relationship" ~ Hozaus Clare, Fitzroy Crossing

SKU: HC 020

"The Power Relationship" ~ Hozaus Clare, Fitzroy Crossing


Acrylic on Unstretched Canvas


"A Brolga's purpose is to find a mate and commit to this mate for as long as they survive.  Once a mate lost it time & dies, the other suffer depression and not find another mate.  Brolgas has a stong relationship once they find their love bird. Then they find a nesting ground and raise their babies to be healthy and beautiful and carry the same purpose as the generations grow larger. 


In this picture I am using the Brolgas as an expression of our challenges in our communities. Challenges in our communities we face like parenting. Our young generation needs a healthy environment but importantly our families having healthy relationships.  Commitment is hard for the parenting because of the influence around the parents, which makes it harder for our younger generation to make the right choices for their future.  In our communities we have young teenagers having babies at a young age, not thinking of their future and how they can have a lot of opportunities before having to struggle with committing to parenting. 


In this painting you can see a larger Brolga that is raising its voice, and one Brolga is facing the opposite direction and ignoring the sound of the one raising its voice. As you can see, the other is facing the screaming Brolga but facing the ground, which means he is taking it in.  As our communities face these issues that the practice haven't been put in front  when the parenting of the adults has been failed by the influences of bad habits that made it harder to give our younger generation directions." ~ Hozaus Clare

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